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[ swarovski | wattens ]

26,250,000 single rings – the curtain that was made for Swarovski  is not only the world‘s largest ring-mesh feature. All the same, Swarovski‘s curtain is proof that it is possible to create alphamesh in almost any dimension and that it can also be designed and constructed so that it appears to float.

[ waterwall | salem ]

The light will be reflected at the edges of the spillway boxes. The water calming hiding below the movable cover of Granite. alphamesh 12.0 in stainless steel enables the slow and playful waterfall. The light is changing almost imperceptible and continuously. Every 20 minutes will be switched directly into a new colour.

[ food island | zurich ]

Motorised night time shutter made of alphamesh 12.0 stainless steel ring mesh. During the day, the curtain completely disappears in the ceiling. At night, the values inside the island are protected optimally through the robust mesh. In terms of construction, the system does not feature any floor rails.

[ zehntscheune | schlüsselfeld ]

Wood characterises the historic building fabric of the cultural site Zehntscheune in Schlüsselfeld/Franconia. The interplay of the alphamesh ring mesh produces architectural contrasts on the outside, while alphamesh fabrics accentuate the ceiling with metallic shine inside.

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