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Who is behind alphamesh?

alphamesh is an innovative and versatile material for façade and interior design. The creative alphamesh ring and scale meshes are developed, produced and distributed by proMesh GmbH, located in Mühlacker.

Originally developed for use as stab protection for personal protection gear, ring meshes are convincing in terms of form and function as well as in the architectural application. New ideas for application emerge over and over again with the claim to qualify, function and design that is unique to alphamesh. Because alphamesh is not only solitary: alphamesh also synergetically combines the energies of other design elements. Light and shadow, water and motion or the room within a room discover new perceptions and alter the accustomed in individual arrangements.

Our Team – Your Partner.

Your success is our aim. That is why we support you and your project through expert technical advice and an extensive service. From product, selection leads our way of partnership to the technical implementation and the solution of specific problems during the completion of your project. That’s how we ensure that our partners always get the full benefit of our products. Our team of technical specialists will be happy to help you with any product-related and technical requests.  Ask us. We look forward to your challenge.

Armin Fehr 
Managing Director

Christian Urbas
Sales Director

Christopher Sperlich 
Application Engineer

Thomas Duhatschek 
Technical Director

proMesh represents a continually increasing value for its customers as well as its employees. Our solutions and consultation will be continually improved so that we are always a bit ahead of the expectations. The special fascination that emanates from alphamesh is the basis for our firm conviction of having developed a unique material. The consequence of this enthusiasm is the daily motivation to continually improve our products and the service. proMesh provides innovative products and services in the field of architecture and interior architecture based on its technical production and application competency. The knowledge of social responsibility plays a special role as part of helping to shape the human environment.


proMesh is a globally operating, independent industrial enterprise. proMesh conducts its commercial activities according to ethical principles. Responsible-minded environmental management is an expression of an activity portfolio arranged for sustainability and long-term profitability. proMesh is acknowledged by its customers as a serious and competitive provider of highly innovative architectural and interior design applications. Motivation, self-responsibility, partnership, honesty, responsibility, customer orientation, respect, capacity for teamwork and ethical behavior are values with which proMesh is perceived inwardly and outwardly. At the same time, they are values with which the company would also like to be measured in the future.


The company.

proMesh GmbH is a subsidiary of Friedrich Münch GmbH + Co KG. The company is the world market leader for metal ring meshes which are utilized in cut-proof and stab-proof protective clothing for the food industry as well as other applications.

The first production facility for the manufacture of large-scale metal meshes came into existence in 2005 against the backdrop of know-how and experience. The founding of the proMesh followed in 2006. The company’s goal is the development of a widespread architectural and design sector for alphamesh. Virtually boundless dimensions for creative applications are available to alphamesh due to the new manufacturing process.  The competent offer of consultation and services around the product is essential for success. Architects and planners appreciate this and the product in order to realize their own ideas attuned to rooms, functions and ambience.