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Universal ring mesh night closure system.

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alphamesh is an innovative and versatile material for façade and interior design. The creative alphamesh ring meshes, alphamesh scale meshes and alphamesh  fabrics are developed, produced and distributed by proMesh GmbH, a subsidiary of Friedrich Münch GmbH + Co KG, located in Mühlacker.

Originally developed for use as stab protection for personal protection gear, ring meshes are convincing in terms of form and function as well as in the architectural application. New ideas for application emerge over and over again with the claim to qualify, function and design that is unique to alphamesh. Because alphamesh is not only solitary: alphamesh also synergistically combines the energies of other design elements. Light and shadow, water and motion or the room within a room discover new perceptions and alter the accustomed in individual arrangements.

Latest Projects

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Toranomon Hills Business Tower | Tokyo alphamesh 12.0 stainless steel

Drogerie Wyss | Sursee | Switzerland alphamesh 12.0 stainless steel


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